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Welcome to AGL (Above Ground Level) Hobbies LLC. 

Rusty (13brv3 on most forums) 
Navarre, FL



  11-23-14  -   Going out of business sale


As I mentioned previously, I'm shutting down the business, and plan to sell off the remaining inventory of materials.  I'm starting by marking down all items in the shop.  Once I start running low on materials required for a particular item, I'll remove them from the shop.  At some point, I'll simply list materials only as needed, such as tubes, EAR dampers, etc. 


Before the end of year, I'll close this shop, and transition to a simple web page, which I might use for RTF projects in the future.   Note that all sales are final, and I will not be accepting returns (unless I screwed up).  Obviously the previous lifetime warranty for replacement parts will end when the shop closes. 







11-23-14   -  Beginning of the End  

I just looked back at my records, and realize that that I sold my first frame just over 6 years ago!  Man, what a change there's been in the multi-rotor world in the past 6 years…

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've decided that it's time to shut down the AGL Hobbies shop.  With all the shops that are selling multi-rotor frame these days, business has been pretty slow, and of course the whole flooding incident didn't help.  Now that we've sold the house in FL, and purchased some land in the foothills of TN, it's time to move on. 

If you look at the site now, you'll see a number of items or options missing.  I removed anything I didn't have much quantity of, and I also removed the complete packages because I can't keep up with the tube inventory while selling the packages.   I'm going to kick off an inventory reduction sale on Friday the 28th, which will include all remaining items.  Items will be removed when I run low on raw materials, or if I just get tired of making them :-)   Either way, the sale won't continue past the end of the year, and then the AGL Hobbies Shop at CoreCommerce will be closed.    

I've had some really great customers over the years.  Thanks to you all!